Vision is unbounded Visionox brings a variety of flexible AMOLED innovative applications to the high-tech fair

- Jan 04, 2019-

After the high-tech fair in 2017, after winning the best display and top ten popular exhibits with various flexible innovative applications, Visionox brought a new application of flexible AMOLED display to the 20th high-tech fair in 2018, demonstrating the flexible AMOLED in Innovative application results in the fields of human-computer interaction, smart home, smart education, and smart office.


Breaking through imagination, flexible AMOLED interactive display technology opens a new era of human-computer interaction

As an innovative breakthrough in human-computer interaction, Visionox brings flexible AMOLED interactive display technology, which combines flexible AMOLED display technology with flexible sensor technology to control display through the bending and speed of flexible AMOLED screens. Interacting content to enhance the interactive experience of flexible display technology. Different from traditional touch sensing, flexible interactive input mode is of great significance for flexible display. Through the “flexible combination” of screen and sensing technology, it not only breaks the traditional interaction constraint, but also greatly expands the flexible screen. The machine interaction mode can be combined with VR, AR, MR and other technologies in the future to bring unlimited imagination.


Visionox flexible AMOLED interactive display technology

Flexible AMOLED smart home application

Let the home "move"

Flexible AMOLED intelligent eco-manager with environmental monitoring and decorative appearance, equipped with Vixon's 5.99-inch flexible full-screen screen, using the flexible characteristics of AMOLED screen to perfectly fit its curved surface shape, double-sided flexible display with AMOLED beautiful screen effect It can not only display glamorous pictures, but also visualize the home environment data, taking into account practicality and appreciation. Not only that, but the innovative ideas behind it are worth pondering. In the era of ubiquitous screens, the flexible form and high adaptability of flexible screens can make any home products have display functions, and will also become human-computer interaction. Important window.


Visionox Flexible AMOLED Smart Eco-Housekeeper

Flexible AMOLED Smart Office Application

Flexible screens make multi-person meeting views no longer restricted

The flexible AMOLED mobile conference secretary is a detachable independent video system application that Visionox uses the flexible screen display feature to customize the conference scene. By combining the flexible screens on the video module in different arcs, it can meet the multi-angle of multi-person conferences. The viewing needs, while the modular split feature makes multi-person meeting places no longer restricted.


Visionox Flexible AMOLED Mobile Conference Secretary

AMOLED intelligent education application

The "excellent" horizon in the eyes of children

In the digital information age, education informationization has become an inevitable trend. As its hardware carrier, intelligent education terminals are gradually being widely used in various educational fields. Visionox AMOLED Multi-Function Interactive Learning Machine is a smart education application that integrates display and education. Its AMOLED screen can not only display more colorful display effects, but also present the learning content and effectively protect the eyes. It also has multi-angle folding and multi-screen synchronous display function. In the future, it can match the corresponding human-computer interaction form according to the customized educational content such as painting, online education and puzzle game provided by artificial intelligence and big data.


Visionox AMOLED multi-function interactive learning machine

With its in-depth understanding of flexible display technology and industrial driving force, Visionox is constantly providing innovative directions for the transformation and upgrading of downstream products of downstream manufacturers, thereby breaking the industrial boundary, leading the collaborative innovation of the entire industry chain, and jointly promoting the display industry. High quality development makes flexible AMOLED display technology truly enter and change people's lives.