Visano: Reading Ubiquitous Screen

- Jun 01, 2018-

When we look at sci-fi films, we are always attracted by the various display technologies in the future. One of the important features of the future world is to display everywhere. The films “Avatar”, “Iron Man”, “Guardian of the Galaxy”, etc. opened the door for us to imagine the future world. Most of us can only be amazed by it, but it is difficult to find a unified vocabulary to describe it. This complex state of science and technology, therefore, the concept of "ubiquitous screen" emerged.

What is a ubiquitous screen in the end?

The ubiquitous screen can be simply understood as "the screen is everywhere." This concept was first proposed by Dr. Zhang Deqiang, President of Viscino at the World Internet Conference last year. The ubiquitous screen has three major features: multiple forms, integration of multiple technologies, and technological diversity.

Various forms

The era of pan-screens is an era of compatible and packaged, with various screen forms, hard screens, flexible screens, transparent screens, holographic displays, etc., which satisfy different needs under different usage scenarios.