TV panel price increase LCD TV or increase price to reflect cost

- Aug 29, 2018-

Compared with July, the price of all sizes of LCD panels in August has risen, with a range of $4-5. The price of the whole machine is reversed, and the price of all the whole machines is decreasing. The price reduction of the 65-inch and 49-inch machines is more obvious.


Aowei cloud network analysis pointed out that there are two reasons for the rise in panel prices: First, the supply side, in May and June, the panel factory cleaned up the inventory through a low-cost project, with a sigh of relief, in fact, the third quarter There was no significant increase in the newly anticipated production capacity. The two lines of CLP climbed difficult, and the BOE10.5 generation line slowed down. The second is the demand side. The third quarter is the peak of global panel procurement. The second half of the year is an important period for global TV sales. The panel orders of brand factories will increase. Even if the market is not expected to grow, they will not want to have no goods when the market improves.


In response to the price increase of the TV panel, Liao Quanping, chairman of the Taipei Electric Appliances Association and chairman of the Yaguang Electric Appliances, said that due to the rise of the TV panel in the third quarter, the LCD TV in the fourth season may become expensive, and the industry has reflected the intention to increase the selling price. To reflect the cost; he believes that the small and medium size of 50 or less because of the lower price, will reflect the cost of more, more than 50 because of the higher price, the proportion of the increase will be lower.


However, the home appliance industry giant Sheng Bao pointed out that TV has been difficult to raise prices, the target price to maintain flat.