Trend Analysis of Flexible AMOLED Mobile Phone Panel in 2018

- Sep 10, 2018-


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At the 2018 Taiwan Display Industry Symposium, IHS Markit Research Director Xie Qinyi analyzed the trend of flexible AMOLED mobile phone panels this year, pointing out that the penetration rate of OLED mobile phone panels has been revised to below 30%, except for Apple to re-examine the proportion of new iPhones using OLED and LCD. In addition, China only uses two mobile phone brands, including Huawei, OPPO, Vivo, and Xiaomi. This year, the new machine continues to adopt the LTPS panel, so the original penetration rate is revised.

Xie Qinyi said that as long as it does not bend or fold, LCD can also do the function of flexible AMOLED. In addition to LTPS, even the old a-Si can also be shaped (banging), full screen, C-Cut, etc., LCD panels can be done, considering the price issue, so that the Chinese mobile phone brand adopts AMOLED attitude conservative.

He said that the attitude of adopting flexible AMOLED panels is quite conservative in terms of the production plans of the top 20 mobile phone manufacturers in the world. Except for Samsung and Apple, there are only two mobile phone brands in mainland China. As for the major smartphone brands, including Huawei and OPPO, Vivo and Xiaomi, this year's new machine still tends to adopt LTPS panels, and has not been replaced by AMOLED panels.

Apple also re-examined the proportion of panels used in the new iPhone this year. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S9 continues to use flexible AMOLED panels. In the mobile phone factory's willingness to turn down, the penetration rate of flexible AMOLED panels used in this year's mobile phones will be revised. The estimated 40% is revised down to less than 30%. Xie Qinyi also expects that the price of flexible AMOLED panels will be significantly revised in the second half of the year.

Xie Qinyi stressed that the promotion of flexible AMOLED mobile phone panels depends on the price, because in comparison, color, thickness, AMOLED is still stronger than LCD, but the appearance is originally replaced by LCD.

Xie Qinyi said that OLED accounted for the penetration rate of mobile phone panels. The mobile phone brand continued to use LTPS when it found that the cost of flexible AMOLED panels was so high. On the mobile phone panel, LTPS is very tight at present, but the price is still falling. It is estimated that the overall LTPS will account for more than 30% of mobile phones this year.