To control costs, the LG G7 will replace the OLED screen with an LCD screen.

- Nov 12, 2018-


According to foreign media reports, Korean market analysts predict that LG's next-generation flagship G7 will use LCD screens, which is mainly due to cost reasons. The price of OLED screens is said to be two to three times the price of the corresponding LCD screen.

Although mainstream manufacturers are beginning to adopt OLED screens on a large scale, the LG G7 still insists on using LCD screens, which will not surprise us, because the previous G series flagships have always used LCD screens. However, since the LG V30 uses an OLED screen, some users expect the LG G7 to use an OLED screen.

It is worth mentioning that the LCD screen that the LG G7 will adopt is actually a self-developed MLCD+ display. It is said to be more energy-efficient than the traditional LCD screen, with a power consumption reduction of 35% and a higher brightness.

Previously, it was rumored that LG G7 would adopt a special-shaped screen with bangs, rear vertical double-shot and fingerprint recognition, and the overall shape and the previous generation have obvious changes. The aircraft is expected to be released in April or May, and the price may reach 6,000 yuan.