This year's OLED new iPhone supply chain started stocking in advance

- Dec 28, 2018-

96x96 OLED

Apple's three new machines will be launched in September in the second half of the year. Foreign media broke the news. In order to avoid repeating the iPhone X mass production issue last year, Apple ordered the two OLED version of the iPhone components to be stocked in advance, and the mobile touch screen integration yield was also obtained. To solve, it is expected that Hon Hai will remain the largest foundry of the iPhone this year.

Recently, the market has reported that the touch screen function yield is not up to standard. The LCD version of the iPhone will be deferred this year, but AppleInsider also pointed out that the related issues have been solved, and the process of integrating the LCD screen with the TrueDepth camera is also much easier.

The industry expects that Hon Hai Group will still be the main assembly supplier of the new iPhone this year. It has the opportunity to include all 5.8-inch new OLED version of the iPhone OEM order. The 6.5-inch OLED version of the iPhone also accounts for nearly 8 to 90% of the orders. The machine also has 30% of orders.

Heshuo won the assembly order of 60% LCD version of the iPhone, and produced a 6.5-inch OLED version of the iPhone with a 10-15% weight. As for Wistron, the rest of the orders were divided.

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