The world's first Visionox flexible AMOLED screen for mass production cars

- Apr 24, 2019-

On April 16th, at the 18th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, Hezhong New Energy's production model, Hezhong U, officially unveiled and opened the pre-sale. Hezhong U is the world's first mass-produced blind zone-free A-pillar car. The flexible AMOLED screen used in its “transparent” A-pillar is exclusively provided by Visionox. It is the world's first innovative car display mass production result, and is also a domestic AMOLED screen. The first release on a production car marked the departure of the flexible vehicle display application from the concept stage and officially went commercial.

Visionox's flexible and innovative car display mass production success

 Complete the world's first show

Driving blind spots have always been an unresolved problem in the design of automobiles. Because the A-pillars are of great significance to the safety of driving, even though the solutions are endless, the driving blind spots still exist.

This time, Visionox helped Hezhong U to realize the world's first in-vehicle display innovation solution for mass production vehicles, completely solving the blind spot problem. The scheme combines the AR technology with the flexible screen, utilizes the characteristics of the AMOLED flexible screen, and wraps the A-pillar on the screen. The external image blocked by the A-pillar is transmitted to the on-board computer by the camera on the external rearview mirror, and then placed on the inside of the A-pillar. The flexible display simulates the effect of the “transparent” A-pillar, greatly reducing the risk of driving due to the blind spot of the A-pillar, ensuring no visual dead space during driving, greatly improving driving safety, and wide temperature difference of flexible AMOLED screens. The characteristics that are not easily broken also greatly improve the reliability of the vehicle. In addition, the flexible display area of the “transparent” A-pillar can also be added to functions such as video entertainment, video calling, etc., even in conjunction with the windshield to achieve more rich functional applications.

 From concept to landing

 Visionox continues to innovate in the automotive market

Car display is one of the key directions of “ubiquitous screen”. With the official release of Hezhong U, Vision has already achieved initial success in the field of vehicle display. In May 2018, Visionox and Hezhong Automobile signed a strategic cooperation agreement and began cooperation on the “transparent” A-pillar flexible screen in smart driving, which was implemented in a production model in less than one year. Mass production of flexible screens has completed the transformation from concept to practical application, and provides an important direction for the future development of vehicle display.

In the future, with the gradual commercialization of 5G, the Internet of Vehicles and unmanned driving technology will become more mature, and the vehicle interaction will show the characteristics of high duration, high frequency and wide range, creating a large-area display and intelligent entertainment interior space for users. Bringing a smarter and safer driving experience is expected to be the subversive innovation of the future car. The flexible AMOLED screen has the characteristics of bendable, wide temperature difference, high contrast, low power consumption, light weight, etc., which is highly compatible with the development needs of the new generation of intelligent cabin and driverless driving. As a leading OLED manufacturer in China, Visionox will continue to deepen its layout and provide more competitive flexible vehicle display solutions for customers and consumers by relying on its technological innovation advantages in the flexible AMOLED field. The value of the screen helps the future car display change and upgrade.