The working principle of LCD

- Feb 09, 2018-

We have long known that matter has three types of solids, liquids, and gases. There is no regularity in the arrangement of the center of mass of liquid molecules, but if these molecules are long (or flat), their molecular orientation may be regular. So we can divide the liquid into many forms. A liquid that is not regular in the direction of the molecule is referred to as a liquid, whereas a molecule with a directional liquid is called a liquid crystal. 

LCD products In fact, we are not unfamiliar, we often see mobile phones, calculators are liquid crystal products. The liquid crystal was discovered by Austrian botanist Reinitzer in 1888 and is a kind of organic compound with regular molecular arrangement between solids and liquids. The most commonly used liquid crystal mode is nematic liquid crystal, molecular shape of slender rod, long width about 1nm~10nm, in different current electric field, the liquid crystal molecules will make the rules of rotation 90 degrees, resulting in the difference of light, so in the power supply On/off under the difference between the lighting, according to this principle to control each pixel, Can form the desired image.