The road is long and it is far away? IHS Markit: 8K TV popularity still takes time

- May 10, 2019-

Under the leadership of Sharp, global color TV manufacturers are rushing to enter the 8K era, and at this year's AWE 2019, mainstream color TV manufacturers such as Sharp, Samsung, LG, Hisense have launched their own 8K TV new products, which seems to have announced The official arrival of the 8K era.


All kinds of signs are showing that color TV manufacturers have set off a collective carnival in the 8K era, but do you know? Compared with the eagerness of color TV manufacturers, the attitude of consumers is much colder, and there is still a long way to go before the real popularity of 8K TV.


In this regard, Maria Rua Aguete, executive director of IHS Markit technology, media and telecommunications market, said: "In Europe, people have realized that talking about 8K is a bit too early, it will not happen in the near future. In fact, our forecast figures Also very low."


At the same time, Aguete also pointed out: "Technical companies always want to push the boundaries of technology, but there seems to be a disconnect between consumers and 8K TV manufacturers." It is also worth mentioning that IHS Markit will also be 8K TV in 2019. Sales were down 8.5% from January's forecast to 308,900 units, which is 30% lower than the October 2018 forecast, and IHS Markit does not expect it to be 2023. More than 3%.


What exactly is this matter about? Today, the arrival of 8K TV is just the right time. The manufacturers of color TVs are also very excited. How can the market not buy it? After some discussion, Xiao Bian believes that it has the following three points worthy of careful consideration.


First of all, the high price. Despite the high-end big-screen today, consumers are savvy about the idea of “a penny and a share of goods”. The unparalleled clarity of 8K TV is indeed tempting, but the same high price also makes people carefully consider it. After all, the pressure of Shanda today, the price of tens of thousands of dollars to buy a TV, is this more than a tax account? Presumably, consumers have their own calculations. Of course, mines in the home can be ignored automatically.


Second, the source of the film cannot be ignored. TV hardware has moved into the 8K era, but due to the lack of infrastructure, 8K content lacks efficient production and transmission. Although the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games is just around the corner, Japan has announced that it will broadcast in 8K format. However, from the perspective of consumers, even if you endure the purchase of an 8K TV, you can enjoy the hearty Olympic sports event, but you After the Olympics, 8K TVs still have heroes to use? In general, the source problem is a tight spell that restricts the development of 8K TV.


Finally, 8K content consumes a lot of data bandwidth when transmitted in the consumer's home, which puts extra pressure on the wireless network that has taken on multiple devices in most homes.


In general, despite the participation of color TV manufacturers, the 8K TV era has a clear blueprint, which also declares that the TV industry has entered a new era, the prospects are very broad, but the development of any thing has two sides, We saw the surface of the vigorous, but never seen the hardship after the vigorous, 8K TV wants to fly into the homes of ordinary people, this will have to go through long-term savings and brewing.