The potential space of the LCD screen is insufficient. The development of the OLED screen turns into the fast lane.

- May 07, 2019-

128x64 lcd

The competition for mobile phone screens is becoming more and more fierce, and the competition for traditional size and resolution has entered a stage of arduousness. Especially for the Android camp, the homogenization of the screen is also quite serious. How to make the screen continue to enhance the appeal of the mobile phone is the top priority of the current mobile phone manufacturers. Continue to force on the LCD, that is, the LCD panel, it seems that the space is not very sufficient, so the new panel has become a consideration of major manufacturers.

Will the LCD be low-end? OLED screen development turned into fast lane

In fact, the development speed of mobile phone panels in recent years has been very fast, and a lot of potential has been tapped on LCD panels. Higher brightness, higher resolution, and larger size upgrades are all based on the development of liquid crystal technology. However, when the potential is also dug, the space for urgently needing to upgrade is already very small, so OLED panels have become a consideration for many companies. In fact, Samsung has been developing such mobile phones in the past, and many AMOLED phones are familiar.

Mobile phone display also has evolutionary needs

At present, small-size AMOLEDs are mainly supplied by Samsung, and other panel manufacturers have not yet competed. In the past, Samsung's exclusive AMOLED screen has changed its attitude and began to actively export to find more partners. After the partners have increased, Samsung's voice is even greater. After all, there are many manufacturers that can provide LCD screens, but AMOLED small-size screens are still Samsung's strengths. In particular, Apple may also use such panels on next-generation machines, which may set off new storms.