The original LeTV CEO Liang Jun and then start a business: a lifetime to do Internet TV

- Jun 15, 2018-

Le Jun, CEO of LeTV, and LeTV New (Super TV Business), was still engaged in Internet TV business after leaving his old club.

In March of this year, Liang Jun registered and established New Vision Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 5 million yuan, and continued to focus on the Internet TV field.

While greeting 618, he also explained why the new company would be called New Vision Technology.

 LCD 2.jpg

LCD 2.jpg

First of all, in the “new” aspect, representatives start a new business, redefine the Internet TV, and reconstruct the home intelligence entrance. Everything starts from scratch.

“View” means that the best smart entrance to the home Internet of Things platform must be a large screen for TV. It is our ideal to build a new ubiquitous display for the family. Liang Jun bluntly seems to have worked on television and television in this life.

"Home Technology" said that it is very focused on product and technology innovation in family settings, providing innovative products and services for families in different scenarios and different family members.

Liang Jun is 48 years old and has worked at Lenovo Group for many years. He joined LeTV in 2012 as Vice President of LeTV and LeTV as General Manager. In May 2017, he was General Manager of LeTV and President of LeTV Intelligent Terminal Global Production and Research, LeTV. To the new president, in August replaced the founder of LeTV, Jia Yueting became the legal representative of LeTV. In October, he applied to resign all positions in LeTV.

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