The OLED panel market for smartphones is expected to surpass LCD panels in 2019

- Aug 03, 2018-

According to relevant data, the small and medium-sized OLED panels produced by Samsung Display are expected to occupy more than 50% of the smartphone market next year, exceeding the market share of TFT-LCD panels.


According to data provided by market research firm IHS Markit, the share of smartphone OLED panels has continued to grow from 40.8% in 2016 to 45.7% this year. In 2019, the market share of OLED panels is expected to exceed the market share of TFT-LCD panels for the first time.


In 2019, sales of OLED panels are expected to reach 20.7 billion US dollars, and the share of the smartphone market is expected to reach 50.7%. On the other hand, sales of TFT-LCD panels are expected to reach US$20.2 billion, accounting for 49.3% of the smartphone market share.


The OLED panel market will continue to grow and its market share is expected to reach 73% by 2025.


The rapid growth of the OLED panel market is mainly due to its excellent image quality and thin and light characteristics. In addition, flexible OLED panels with rugged quality substrates are also easier to produce for full screens.


Samsung Display said that flexible OLED panels have been used in the Galaxy S series and iPhone X models, and more and more Chinese smartphone manufacturers are also using flexible OLED panels.


OLED panels have always been considered high-end products, but they are beginning to change the market landscape because they surpass LCD panels in terms of performance and price competitiveness.