The news that the iPhone will adopt the new OLED screen technology in 2019

- Dec 13, 2018-

According to the 9to5mac report, a supply chain report shows that Apple will adopt a new screen technology to make at least one of its 2019 iPhones thinner and lighter. The report said that Apple has decided to adopt a touch-sensitive integrated flexible OLED panel, the structure of which is different from the current iPhone screen.


The current screen uses a separate touch-sensitive layer on top of the display, which integrates the touch-sensitive chip into the OLED screen, which makes the device thinner and lighter.


ETNews said that the Y-Octa brand technology will be manufactured by Samsung.


Samsung Display will provide touch-integrated flexible organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panels for Apple's iPhone. This is a Samsung OLED called "Y-OCTA". This is the first time Apple has applied a touch integrated display to the iPhone.


According to industry sources, Apple decided to apply the touch-integrated flexible OLED panel to the new iPhone, and commissioned Samsung Display for development and manufacturing. Samsung Display recently established a partnership with related companies to develop parts and materials to manufacture displays.


The report claims that the technology should be available next year, but said the initial supply will be limited, indicating that the new screen may only be used for the highest-end model next year. However, since the technology is expected to be cheaper than a single touch-sensitive layer, it may be extended to all models as capacity increases over the next few years.


According to reports, Samsung first proposed this idea to Apple in March as a way to retain the company's OLED orders. Samsung is currently the exclusive supplier of iPhone X and iPhone XS / XS Max OLED panels, but Apple has been committed to LG as a second supplier choice.