The mainstream of TFT LCD's future development

- Feb 09, 2018-

Overall, although the price of ordinary CRT display is declining, the level of the plane is more and more high, but more and more individual users start to the electromagnetic radiation serious, occupy large space and bulky CRT monitors feel tired, and the performance of the LCD display has become more and more interesting. Led by the strong demand of LCD display, large LCD manufacturers began to invest more in advertising, mass production and so on to reduce the production cost of LCD display. At the same time, with the development of semiconductor and microelectronics technology, LCD's yield is also rapidly increasing, in order to reduce the price of LCD display, to stimulate the LCD display into the family provides the necessary base for the LCD display is in the evolution from nobility to civilian.

At present, TFT-LCD in the global PC display less than 10% of the share of LCD TV is lower, so LCD price decline, although the short-term will compress the industry's gross margin, but also lead to market substitution effect, the price closer to CRT display, consumers choose high-quality products, the greater the incentive, The accelerated liquid crystal display replaces the traditional CRT display gradually, the global PC market of 120 million PCs per year, to 15] the speed of the rapid increase, become an important target of LCD erosion, and LCD to a larger technology breakthrough, the next year nearly billion color TV market, will be the next large LCD target market, At present, LCD TVs are growing at a rate of more than 30% per year. From the trend of development, as the market matures, the competition between manufacturers white-hot, TFT-LCD display must also be in the function, application and price and other aspects of diversion. At the same time, LCD TV will be a big development in the future, but large size, suitable for many people at the same time watch the price of LCD TV is very high, in the short term can not significantly reduce prices. Therefore, the integration of video functions into the current desktop TFT-LCD display is a selling point for the home market, on the basis of the home multimedia LCD display, the whole machine image processing circuit according to the photoelectric conversion characteristics of TFT-LCD screen, correction, color temperature correction and image amplification, and traditional NTSC /pal interlaced video signal is based on motion compensation for interlaced line-by-row transformation to eliminate edge sawtooth. Through the above special processing, now the desktop 15-inch TFT-LCD display will become a true sense of multimedia display, in addition to being able to receive and display PC signals, to VCR/VCD/DVD output of video signals (CVBs, Y/C, Y/PR/PB) and the RF signal of CATV can get far ultra traditional TV display effect. In conjunction with the bitmap OSD (on screen display), it can form a very personalized personal multimedia display.