The foreign media broke the Samsung S10 with a zero-framed OLED screen: there are two openings in the screen

- Nov 16, 2018-

In the first wave of Android flagship in 2019, the current Samsung Galaxy S10 broke the news. After the sales volume continued to shrink, the outside world was full of expectations for the mobile phone brother's "power".


According to TheElec, the front of the Galaxy S10 uses an OLED display with almost zero black borders, but two holes are dug in the screen, one hiding the front camera and the other hiding an infrared sensor.


According to the report, Samsung uses a DPSS laser (diode-pumped solid-state) to punch holes in the screen. In order to match, the UI of the status bar has been optimized for displaying signals, notification icons, time, power and other information on both sides of the opening.


In particular, the camera opening can be hidden in the black border while watching the video.


Regarding the specific shape of the new screen, Samsung's patent has already been reflected, and foreign netizens have drawn renderings accordingly.


In addition, this week from the big god evleaks, Roland broke the news that the Samsung S10 series has prepared three models, including screen fingerprints, 5G network and other elements.