The cost of AMOLED panels is low

- Jan 17, 2019-

As the production yield of AMOLED mobile phone panels is gradually increasing, the cost gap between AMOLED panels and TFT LCD panels is decreasing. In the long run, the production cost of AMOLED panels is expected to be lower than the current one, showing the threat to the TFT LCD camp.

In fact, as Samsung continues to expand its global mobile phone market, in addition to effectively exploiting the advantages of wafer foundry and economic scale, it also promotes the emergence of AMOLED panels, which has caused the TFT LCD camp to face no small threat.

At present, the cost of AMOLED panel is higher than that of TFT LCD panel. The cost difference between the two parties is about 10~20%. However, with the rapid increase of AMOLED panel yield, according to NPD DisplaySearch, the production cost of AMOLED mobile phone panel will be in the next 2 years. Expected to be lower than the LCD panel.

After magnifying the AMOLED panel to become the best choice for Samsung's high-end product line, Samsung Electronics also drove the AMOLED panel to increase visibility in the global market. Photograph by Fu Shizhen

In the early days, the industry predicted that the cost of AMOLED panels would be lower than that of LCDs because they do not require backlights and many materials such as optical films and color filters. However, due to the low manufacturing yield, the cost of AMOLED panels continues to be higher than that of LCD panels. .

However, AMOLED panels have become a high-end product due to their high color saturation, relatively good contrast, and relatively thin thickness. With the recent increase in production yield, NPD DisplaySearch expects AMOLED panels to be more widely used. Smartphone product line.

Until recently, there have been some breakthroughs in AMOLED panel production, and the OLED-related industry chain seems to be facing difficulties for a long time, and the breakthrough in AMOLED yield will bring significant improvement. NPD DisplaySearch believes that if the cost of AMOLED panels can be lower than that of LCDs, then this will bring more opportunities and opportunities to OLED display industry chain operators, improve the competitiveness of LCD panels, and bring more consumers. select.

For example, the current cost difference between an AMOLED panel and an LCD handset panel of about 5 inches is about 16%. However, when the AMOLED panel production yield reaches 90%, the cost of the AMOLED panel is expected to be lower than that of the LCD. As the production cost of OLED materials is reduced, the yield can be reduced without much impact.