The $10 billion plan to build a factory is changed

- Apr 25, 2019-

In July 2017, Foxconn announced that it would invest $10 billion in the construction of state-of-the-art LCD panel factories in Wisconsin in the United States in four years, which could eventually create more than 13,000 jobs locally. This is the largest “greenfield investment” project for foreign-invested companies in US history, and was praised by US President Trump as “the eighth wonder of the world”.


However, there are reports that there has been almost no substantial progress in the construction of the factory since the foundation was laid. Foxconn and Wisconsin all gave some response comments, and until last Friday, Foxconn reiterated that it is still committed to continue to execute the contract.


However, foreign media reported that Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers's public letter revealed that it was Foxconn's position in March this year to adjust the contract, and the company is determined to decide, even move quickly, trying to be in a few weeks. Finalize the new plan.


Earlier, Evers publicly mentioned that he expected Foxconn to fail to achieve the previously set goal of creating employment in the state and hoped to renegotiate.


It is reported that Evers became the governor in January this year and has received the agreement from former Scott Walker to provide Foxconn with about $4 billion in tax incentives and other incentives.