Tested for the flagship Samsung mid-range Galaxy P30 will be equipped with off-screen fingerprint recognition technology

- Sep 28, 2018-

Samsung’s upcoming new Galaxy P is gradually gaining exposure, and the new P-series is more eye-catching than the Samsung Galaxy A series. In addition to the reasons for the new model, there is also a very important reason that it will be equipped with the screen fingerprint recognition technology, becoming Samsung's first model with this technology. Compared with other mobile phone manufacturers who tend to use new technology in the flagship machine, the Galaxy P30 with on-screen fingerprint recognition technology is more like testing the Samsung high-end Galaxy S10.


According to foreign media, in order to save costs, Samsung Galaxy P30 will be equipped with a traditional LCD screen of the mid-range model. However, many people have raised doubts that LCD screens cannot be used simultaneously with on-screen fingerprint recognition technology. In response, there are rumors that Samsung will specifically create fingerprint recognition for LCD screens. After the test, the Samsung Galaxy S10 uses OLED screen + ultrasonic screen fingerprint recognition.


The Samsung Galaxy P30 will be launched in the Chinese market, and it may be regarded as a "special machine" for the Chinese market. After all, the screen fingerprint technology has been launched in China. OPPO, vivo, and Xiaomi all have models that support the screen fingerprint technology. In order to cater to the Chinese market, the Samsung Galaxy P30 has chosen to follow up this technology. Once Samsung's mid-range model also joins the screen fingerprint technology, plus Samsung's mid-end model price of 2000-3000 yuan, and Samsung's own hard power, perhaps in the Chinese market can become a competitor of domestic mobile phone manufacturers.