Technical status of TFT LCD

- Feb 09, 2018-

At present, the long-term problems of the liquid crystal display perspective, color saturation, brightness and reaction speed have been basically solved. Because LCD using liquid crystal rotation control of light, resulting in a congenital narrow angle of view, when the LCD continues to the large screen development, the requirements of the broad view is inevitable, the past is the most convenient way to paste a wide view of the film, but the broad view of the film is a Japanese Fujifilm, high cost, Therefore, the LCD manufacturers actively develop new liquid crystal materials and new structures, improved liquid crystal matching to enhance the angle of view, has been successfully used in mass production technology has Fujitsu's MVA technology, Hitachi IPS technology, other manufacturers have introduced Samsung electronic PVA technology, the perspective can reach 170 degrees, reaction speed 25~27ms; The modern FFS technology angle of view can reach 160 degrees, the Panasonic OCB technology angle of view can reach 160 degrees, the reaction speed is 7ms only.

Of course, the above indicators excellent TFT-LCD prices are still high, the domestic market LCD display products used by the LCD screen performance is generally as follows: Brightness 150~250cd/, contrast 200~300:1, reaction speed 25ms~50ms, horizontal angle of view 120~160, Vertical View 90~120. Domestic liquid crystal display machine manufacturers are currently using a low index LCD screen to obtain a lower cost, low-cost strategy to win market share. Ordinary commercial desktop TFT-LCD display, brightness in 150~200 cd/, contrast 200:1, horizontal angle of view 120 degrees, vertical angle of view 90 degrees, 18bits true color, reaction speed between 40~50ms can obtain satisfactory use effect. Because of the demand for LCD indicators is not high, the price is necessarily low, in the case of commercial liquid crystal display desktop applications, this indicator of the highest cost-effective display. For household TFT-LCD display, the above indicators can meet the demand, this is because most of the home PC needs multimedia applications, brightness, color, contrast, perspective, reaction time, etc. have higher requirements, in consideration of the premise of cost-effective, more ideal indicators should be brightness 250~300 cd/, Contrast 250~300:1, horizontal angle of view 160 degrees, vertical angle of view 120 degrees, 24bits true color, reaction speed below 25ms. At the same time, it is worth noting that, although the LCD display because of the principle of different, at 60hz such a low refresh rate does not exist flicker problem, but given the many multimedia applications, especially the compatibility of the game, the monitor to be able to accept up to 85hz refresh rate signal, Because of the maximum refresh rate that the TFT-LCD screen can support is 75hz, this problem needs to be completed by the image processing circuit of the whole machine.