TCL Group's top turmoil

- Jan 11, 2019-

On January 10, TCL Group issued a notice saying that the board of directors received a written resignation application from the director and chief financial officer (CFO) Huang Xubin, who applied for resignation from the company's sixth board of directors, chief financial officer and all companies within the company for personal and family reasons. Position. As of January 10, Huang Xubin held 3.38 million shares of the company, and Huang Xubin promised to handle the company's stock in accordance with relevant regulations after his departure.


Nominated by Chairman and CEO Li Dongsheng, Chief Operating Officer (COO) Ms. Du Juan is also the Chief Financial Officer of the company. The term of office is from January 10, 2019 to the expiration date of the current Board of Directors (September 1, 2020). The board of directors of the company reviewed


At the same time, TCL Group received the written resignation application of Wang Cheng, the former senior vice president responsible for smart terminal business. Wang Cheng resigned as senior vice president due to the company's work arrangement for major asset restructuring, and will not hold positions in the company in the future. Li Shubin, Yu Guanghui, Guo Aiping, Wang Wei, He Jun and other five company vice presidents also resigned as the company's vice president and other related positions due to this major asset restructuring.


TCL Group stated that the company's other senior management personnel have not changed. The senior management personnel of TCL Group have the following positions and divisions: CEO Li Dongsheng is responsible for the overall management of the company. COO and CFO Du Juan is responsible for the company's business operation management and is responsible for financial management; CTO Yan Xiaolin is responsible for management technology strategy and research and development; senior vice president Huang Wei is responsible for managing government relations, auditing supervision, party affairs and other related work, and is responsible for its Management of environmental protection business; Senior Vice President Jin Yuzhi, continued to serve as CEO of Huaxing Optoelectronics; Secretary of the Board of Directors Liao Wei, responsible for the management of the company's strategic planning and capital market related work.