Taiwan Institute of Technology limits Huawei mobile phones, computers and other products

- Jan 16, 2019-

In order to prevent the leakage of security and avoid leaks, the Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute recently announced that the office space in the hospital will be banned from using Huawei mobile phones to connect to the internal network of the ITRI, but can still use the wireless Internet to watch news and slide. Facebook, etc.; this move is also the first shot of the ban on mobile phones in mainland China.


The mobile phone and computer made by Huawei were completely disabled in the hospital. As a result, the staff discussed it. After the media learned that it was flooded into the inquiry phone, the ITRI made an urgent discussion, and the policy turned sharply. The announcement was changed to "If Huawei mobile phone is used, January 15 From noon, the ITRI's wireless internal network will not be available."


The ITRI said that the two internal changes to the internal announcement were mainly to make the communication more precise. Since many research and development contents of ITRI involve confidentiality, in order to maintain information security, it is decided to follow the government policy and list Huawei mobile phones manufactured in mainland China as the refusal of the internal network of the ITRI to ensure that the information of the announcements is not leaked; However, Huawei mobile phones can still connect to general web pages in the hospital, such as Facebook, Google, etc., are not affected.


ITRI engineers believe that their hard work and development results certainly do not want to be stolen, or because of the carelessness of the security of the security, the announcement of the data center of the hospital is equal to more than one firewall. "The stricter rules are of course better, one more point. Guarantee".


However, some colleagues from the ITRI also felt confused about this announcement. They also questioned why they only target Huawei if they think that mainland mobile phones have security questions. Do you have any doubts about mainland brands such as Xiaomi and OPPO? ITRI said that the employees in the hospital must go through the application process on the internal network, and the brand mobile phone system that employees use will be identified.