Taiwan factory fights Mini LED IT panel is hope

- Sep 20, 2018-

The rise of the mainland panel factory, price competition has caused LCD prices to collapse. To this end, LGD, Samsung Display, Sharp and other international companies have accelerated the layout of OLEDs.


Two new iPhones introduced by Apple this year, two of which replace traditional LCDs with OLEDs. LGD is affected by the price drop of LCD and has a serious loss. It regards OLED as the only solution to save the operation. It recently broke Samsung's monopoly and became the second OLED screen supplier of Apple iphone.


And AUO, Innolux and other Taiwanese factories have successively invested in the development of Mini LED backlight technology. Is there a victory? Qiu Yubin, vice president of research at Witview, believes that Taiwanese companies have the hope of international competitiveness in the IT panel product line.


Qiu Yubin pointed out that the Mini LED technology that Taiwan has been actively working on is still an enhanced technology that needs to be matched with LCD panels. Compared with the display technology of a new architecture such as OLED, Taiwanese companies are indeed investing in new display technologies to some extent. The layout is slower than the panel factory in other regions.


However, Qiu Yubin believes that even if the new technology of OLED continues to flourish, the main areas of penetration are still limited to mobile phones, TVs and other applications. The penetration of IT applications is very limited. Taiwanese companies still have the opportunity to strengthen the original layout through Mini LEDs. For a deeper IT panel product line, maintain a certain market competitiveness in this area.


Taiwanese companies have confidence in Mini LEDs and believe that they can replace OLEDs in a few years with this technology. The industry bluntly said that OLEDs have flaws in physical principles, and LEDs are more in line with the essence of physical principles.


The domestic panel factory is fully sprinting the Mini LED, including cars, TVs, or IT panels, and most of them have the technology to mass-produce and ship. In addition to competing with OLEDs, it is also paving the way for the higher-order Micro LED application market.


Micro LEDs are seen as the next generation of display technology, but so far include huge shifts, yield maintenance, and subsequent testing and maintenance issues, which are still pending levels.