Sprint OLED segment built many times to go to the Sharp Lab closed (LCD)

- Aug 20, 2018-




The Korean panel factory is fully sprinting the OLED panel and is actively expanding its production. The Taiwan panel factory is also eager to move. After Hon Hai became a shareholder in Sharp, the Group stepped on the throttle in the layout of IGZO and OLED, and the former Dongfang Duanjian Construction (now honorary chairman) has recently visited Japan for many times and stayed at Sharp OLED Lab. General Sa Wenzhi will also develop the tactical technology of the Warlord.

The Korean panel factory abandoned the LCD liquid crystal and turned into the OLED panel. The Taiwan panel factory is currently far behind the Korean panel factory in OLED technology and production capacity, which is about two to three years. Apple will introduce OLED panels for the first time on the new iPhone in 2017. Therefore, Hon Hai Group will also move, and the whole group will strive to mass production of OLED panels.

Sharp has strong production capacity of LTPS and IGZO panels, and also has a certain capacity scale. Although there is no mass production experience in OLED panel, there is an OLED laboratory inside, which has certain research and development energy. Duan Xingjian, the chairman of Qunhuang Honor, after resigning from the club in May, shuttled between Hon Hai and Sharp in a non-stop manner. The rumored section of the company has recently visited Japan many times, and most of the time in Sharp OLED Lab, for the group. OLED technology development efforts. In addition, the group's vice president of R&D and technology, Sa Wenzhi, will also adjust and focus on OLED technology development.

As for Innolux's development plan for OLED panels, the company said that Group and Sharp are quite competitive in the field of small-size LCD panels for LTPS, TFT LCD and IGZO, even leading the industry, although the OLED panel is slightly Behind the industry, but the mature technology of OLED mass production is also a matter of one or two years, and there is still a chance to catch up. Sharp and Innolux are now investing in OLEDs. The fastest generation of the 4.5-generation line in 2018 can be mass-produced, and the 6-generation AMOLED will have a chance in 2019.

AUO is actually the world's first panel manufacturer to mass produce OLEDs. However, at that time, the OLED market was not mature, and the investment amount was huge. AUO thus faded out of investment in OLED panels. However, in recent years, AUO still maintains the energy of OLED development. Currently, AUO still has a Singapore 4.5 generation line and a 3.5-generation line of OLED panels produced in Taiwan. However, due to capacity and production value considerations, AUO OLED panels are currently only available for high-addition. Value smart watches and products that require high-resolution VR.