Sony A8F TV Depth Evaluation: OLED TVs Open High-End Market

- May 31, 2018-

Looking at the entire color TV market, large-screen TVs and OLED high-end TVs with a size of 65 and above are becoming new consumer drivers.

Last year, with only two sizes, Sony OLED A1 took over 40% of the domestic high-end OLED TV market. It also led Sony TV's revenue to achieve a 36% increase. This is an irresponsible friendship for those who are immersed in the decline in panel prices. The original high-end market is still so exciting.

Just as everyone rushed to this gorgeous runway, Sony introduced the new OLED TV A8F series. Starting at 15,999 yuan, the A8F has become a star product of OLED TVs.

Someone misunderstood that A8F is a shrinking version of A1, but it is not. The A8F inherited all of A1's technological advantages, including screen sound field technology and X1 advanced image processing chip, which complements A1's high-end positioning and expands its user base and product coverage.

Can not help but want to share my speculation about Sony's next product layout (pure personal guess). Cheap A8F is used to hold the current OLED country, or A9F will be launched in the second half to attack the flagship market, even including the LCD flagship Z9D may usher in the follow-up models. Sony TV really has a lot to do in the high-end product line.