Small-size display market picks up BOE accelerates layout of flexible AMOLED

- Jun 05, 2018-

On June 4th, BOE A stated on the investor interaction platform that the main production capacity of the company was focused on flexible AMOLED and a-Si TFT LCD. It is expected that customers will release new machines in the second half of the year, which will drive the small-size display market to pick up.


According to a new report from the Korean media, Huawei and BOE have jointly created their first foldable smartphone. Huawei last month said it hopes to introduce the world’s first foldable smartphone in November this year.

It is understood that BOE began production of flexible OLED displays as early as 2017. According to the report, BOE will produce 8-inch folded OLED flexible panels, and Huawei will use its foldable smartphone.

In addition, the report also mentioned that BOE had received orders to develop four prototypes of foldable panels for two unnamed smartphone manufacturers. It is unclear whether BOE can meet the supply needs of the two smart phone suppliers.

In addition, BOE A also stated that the company has an earlier layout in the print display technology field. Currently, the large-size AMOLED printing technology platform is under construction in Hefei, and it is expected to achieve phased results during the year.