Skyworth Group Chengdu Base puts into production Annual production of 1 million smart TVs

- Sep 13, 2018-

On September 12, the Skyworth Group Chengdu Base held a production ceremony in Shuangliu District. The project invested 500 million yuan, mainly producing ultra-high-definition smart flat-panel TVs, with an estimated annual production capacity of 1 million units.


The first color TV that was born in Chengdu Base is claimed to have three “black technologies”. According to the staff, this TV uses Skyworth's independent intellectual property rights image chip - Chameleon AI independent image quality chip, which can restore high-quality images with a sense of presence.


In terms of sound quality processing, Skyworth uses CSO technology to use OLED panels as vibration units to achieve true three-dimensional panoramic sound. In addition, Skyworth upgrades to create a new concept - full-time AI, can achieve wake-up at any time, responsive, bring full-scenario, full-context voice communication and services.