Sharp mass production OLED sail, Dongjie grab OLED equipment business opportunities

- Aug 07, 2018-




Sharp's mass production of OLED not only brought great strides to the layout of Hon Hai Group's panels, but also brought new business opportunities to the OLED-related equipment manufacturers that are friendly to the Hon Hai Group, such as Fan Xuan and Dong Jie. It is expected to be adopted by Sharp and take advantage of this. Wave OLED mass production equipment business opportunities.

Hon Hai's panel factory is a group of optoelectronics. In the past, it has a close cooperation relationship with Dongjie. Dongjie also lays out the laser cutting technology required by OLED. As the demand for OLED continues to grow, Dongjieying sports can be synchronized. The OLED soft substrate needs to use the laser stripping process. Dongjie cooperates with the Physical Research Laser Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and cooperates with technologies such as cutting, repairing and drilling materials to grab the OLED rising cake.

In addition, the mainland plans to build six 10.5-generation panel factories, which will enter the equipment delivery tide this year. Dongjie has cut into the equipment supply chain of the mainland panel factory, and the related machine shipments are booming.

In the OLED process, Fan Xuan's own brand “PI Laser Repair Machine” has become the first machine in the mainland OLED panel factory. Since the mainland is also actively investing in OLEDs, it has great potential for the growth of the OLED market in the OLED market. In addition, the OLED materials of DuPont and Dow Chemical can also be used to purchase some business opportunities.

Fan Xuan is currently in the hands of nearly 18 billion yuan, this year's performance is prosperous, follow-up orders can be expected. In addition, Crystal Panel's AOI and other panel inspection equipment also entered into the group, the mainland panel factory Huike, Tianma and Huaying Fujian Putian six generations of factories and other supply chain, also help Hon Hai layout OLED.