Samsung will showcase OLED screen sound technology at CES 2019

- Dec 29, 2018-

Samsung has an unparalleled technological advantage in terms of OLED screens. At this year's developer conference, Samsung unveiled the new Infinity screen technology, and later launched the world's first boring screen mobile phone, and now Samsung will continue to force the screen and launch another new technology.


According to the latest news from the Korea Electronics Times, Samsung plans to showcase its OLED screen sound on display during CES 2019 next month. This technology eliminates the need for external speakers and sounds directly through the panel.


From a technical point of view, Samsung's Sound on Display screen sound technology mainly uses vibration and bone conduction to achieve screen sound, and reserves more space for the display by placing another component on the lower layer of the screen.


In the future, this new technology will not only be fully applicable to smartphones, but also to a wider range of TV panels. This means that in the future, smartphones will be expected to reduce another component: speakers, and not just smartphones, even TV.


According to previous exposure news, Samsung's new flagship Galaxy S10 was officially launched a few days before the opening of CES 2019, while CES 2019 was opened on January 8th. From time to time, this new technology was first applied to the new flagship. The possibility of the Galaxy S10 series is not great.