Samsung's first foldable screen phone is in production: up to 7.29 inches after deployment

- Nov 05, 2018-

According to the Korean media TheBell, Samsung's folding screen mobile phone has been shaped, and the development has entered the production stage. The first batch of production capacity is 100,000 units, with an annual output of 50 to 1 million units.


In the end, Samsung's solution was to allow consumers to use it after folding, with an external screen of 4.6 inches and an internal screen of 7.29 inches, all of which are OLED materials.


The folding hinge is operated by KH Vatec of South Korea. It is reported that the internal gear structure can support different angles. After the combination, the inner screens are almost overlapped and the gap is small.


This week, the Softphone released by Rouyu Technology is the world's first flexible folding screen mobile phone, but the solution is a 7.8-inch external screen folded inward, that is, the same screen is seen before and after the user folds. It may be because it is not enough, Samsung did not adopt it.


Of course, the two screens also test the battery life and the thickness/weight of the whole machine. According to a report by Bloomberg, Samsung's prototype weighs more than 200g.


At present, the specific release date of Samsung Folding Screen Phone is still unknown.