Samsung reissues mobile phone screen patent: let the screen grow freely

- Dec 04, 2018-

Recently, according to foreign media Patently Apple news, Samsung announced a new mobile phone screen design patent, which can make the screen of the mobile phone stretch to the left and right, to achieve the purpose of making the screen bigger.


In the patent, if the user needs to expand the screen space of the mobile phone to watch the entertainment content or make a large spreadsheet, just click on the corresponding icon and then stretch to the sides to achieve the effect of the tablet.


In addition, as mentioned in the patent, this retractable screen design also includes a display member of a flexible screen. In other words, the retractable screen design will be more convenient to use, but the process difficulty of making it will be correspondingly larger.


In addition, Samsung's folding screen announced at the previous developer conference has just been developed, and has not really been applied to mobile devices, so this telescopic mobile phone screen may take a long time to apply to mobile phones.


In addition to the mobile phone screen, the recently exposed Samsung S10 has attracted a lot of attention, and it is expected to appear at the next new product launch.