Samsung predicts that its foldable phone will debut later this year

- Sep 05, 2018-

Samsung plans to launch a foldable phone later this year. According to CNBC, Samsung CEO Koh Dong Jin suggested that the device may be unveiled at the Samsung Developers Conference in November this year, but it is unclear whether the phone will officially meet with ordinary consumers this year.


Koh said that although the development process of the device is “complex”, Samsung “almost completed” related work.


In fact, rumors about Samsung's foldable phones have long appeared. Last October, Samsung’s patent on flexible phones showed us the possibility of productization. Samsung even said that they are using the device multiple times.


In April 2017, Kim Tae-woong, chief engineer of Samsung Display, said that the company prioritized the focus on the borderless display before turning to the development of flexible screens.


Samsung also released a concept ad for potential collapsible phones in 2014. This ad shows us a device with a foldable display.


There have been rumors that Samsung's foldable screen phone will be available in 2019. According to the Wall Street Journal, the phone is code-named "Winner", which uses a 7-inch screen, and because the phone uses two screens, Samsung has to install a larger battery. It is said that the price of this phone will exceed 1,500 US dollars (about 10080 yuan), will be first for gamers and other relatively small users.