Samsung officially announced that future products will use a special-shaped screen design

- Nov 09, 2018-


At 2 o'clock in the morning, Samsung SDC was officially held. The focus of this developer conference is undoubtedly Samsung's display of folding screen equipment. After five years of hard work, the folding screen technology has finally matured. In addition to the folding screen display technology called "Infinity Flex Display", Samsung also unexpectedly announced four different-shaped full-screen design solutions. It seems that Samsung, which insists on not grooving the screen on the screen, has to say " Really incense."

Samsung officially announced that future products will use a special-shaped screen design

The four comprehensive screen designs announced this time have their own names, namely Infinity-V, Infinity-U, Infinity-O and New Infinity. We can probably see the characteristics of these comprehensive screen designs from the naming.

Infinity-V is to dig a V-shaped slot at the top of the screen. This slot will be equipped with a front camera or other sensor. The Infinity-U is designed like a nut R1 and Sharp, and it is designed at the top of the screen. A U-shaped slot; Infinity-O is the design of the previously exposed screen burrowing. The hole is not connected to the phone frame, but is independent of the screen.

The final New Infinity is the so-called "true full screen" design, which does not slot or dig holes. Only Samsung said that due to technical difficulties, New Infinity design is temporarily unavailable. Xiaolei (WeChat: leitech) speculated that wanting to implement New Infinity design should require on-screen camera technology, but the technology is not yet commercially available, only in the testing phase.

It is almost certain that Samsung will carry these designs in future products, and so far Samsung has not yet had a mobile phone with a special-shaped full-screen design. It seems that Samsung also knows that the special-shaped full-screen in the current mobile phone market has become the mainstream, and Samsung, as one of the most important screen suppliers, promotes the popularity of the special-shaped full-screen design and is also conducive to increasing revenue.

It is reported that the Samsung A8s will launch the Infinity-O design at the beginning of next year, and the Galaxy S10 series is also expected to join the Infinity-O design to increase the screen ratio, but we will remain on the sidelines before more news flows out.