Samsung is worried about panel demand. New OLED factory investment case is delayed indefinitely

- Oct 29, 2018-

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According to South Korean media The Bell, Samsung's super factory plan has been put on hold indefinitely due to concerns about OLED demand.

Samsung Display originally planned to invest nearly 1 billion US dollars to build a new OLED panel factory A5. After completion, the total production capacity of OLED panels will be more than double the existing capacity of A2 and A3. However, informed sources revealed that Samsung Display is reviewing the factory case.

At present, Samsung has monopolized more than 90% of the small-size OLED panel market in the global market, which is difficult for other manufacturers to compete. Although LGDisplay is also striving to expand the production capacity of small and medium-sized OLED panels, it will not be able to mass-produce in a short period of time. The mainland panel factory BOE also faces the same situation. At the same time, most of China's OLED production lines are still in the construction stage and have not yet entered mass production.

According to reports, Apple will launch three new iPhones in one breath, one of which is a 6.1-inch LCD panel, but the touch structure is changed to an external film touch panel. It is understood that the OLED panel is almost exclusively supplied by Samsung. As for the LCD panel, JDI's latest 18:9 full-screen panel is used, and the square frame is only 0.5 mm. Some LCD panels are also supplied by LGD.

Although Samsung still monopolizes most of the OLED panel market, the rumors that iPhone X sales are not as good as expected are endless, and LGD, China, Japan and other panels have invested in OLED factories to divide the OLED market, which makes Samsung's internal demand for panels I am worried. Therefore, Samsung has to be more cautious in assessing large-scale investments.