Samsung hopes to become the world's first manufacturer of foldable AMOLED screen phones

- Aug 14, 2018-

According to the Yonhap News Agency, Samsung Electronics hopes to become the first company in the world to launch a folding screen mobile phone. In this regard, Kong Dongjin, head of Samsung’s IT and mobile division, said, “We are focused on bringing innovation to consumers, not just Just to be the first in the world, but in terms of folding phones, we don't want to miss the first position."


Kong Dongjin, head of Samsung's IT and mobile division, said it was not far from the product launch time. “When we show folding phones on the market, we want to be the best quality products”. Although Kong Dongjin did not provide a specific timetable, industry observers said that Samsung may show its first foldable mobile phone as soon as possible this year.


Kong Dongjin pointed out, "We focus on bringing innovation to consumers, not just the slogan of the 'first' in the world. But in terms of folding mobile phones, we don't want to miss the first position." This statement raises the possibility of Samsung launching a folding screen phone in the near future.


Considering the increased competition in the smartphone market, Kong Dongjin stressed that Samsung is still stable in emerging markets. He said the company will continue to strengthen its construction in artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and the fifth generation of network technology. In addition, Samsung is also actively preparing for the new trend of the market, making smartphones more complex smart devices.