Samsung foldable phone or will postpone release

- Oct 09, 2018-

The news that Samsung will push the foldable mobile phone has been intermittently transmitted for several years. Regrettably, although all kinds of explosives came after wave after wave, it was not until mid-September that there was news that the new machine will be officially released in November. Then, this time, what will happen to the results, and the majority of netizens will see the new machine as they wish, or will they produce other unexpected incidents?


According to Forbes latest news, the long-awaited Samsung foldable mobile phone Galaxy F, originally expected to be released at the Samsung 2018 Developer Conference in San Francisco in November, but announced in the Samsung mobile phone division CEO DJ KOH A few days after the "delivery", Samsung also said that the specific time for the release of the new machine has not been confirmed.


Aiming at the release time of Samsung's foldable mobile phone, many media have questioned that the so-called Samsung foldable mobile phone is likely to be just a marketing gimmick. However, from the reports of various sectors, this possibility does not seem to be large. There is a view that Samsung will launch a foldable smartphone, but the launch time may be much later than the rumored November, most likely in the first quarter of 2019.


As for the naming of foldable mobile phones, the current network rumors are also varied, but from the mainstream point of view, there are a lot of Galaxy X, Galaxy Wing, and a small number of messages that should be Galaxy F. Since the official has not spoken so far, it is still unclear what kind of naming will be used in the end.


On the hardware side, the new machine will use Samsung's collapsible 7.3-inch OLED display, which not only size kills many mobile phone products currently on the market, but more importantly, it also has foldable features that can be folded inward. The 7.3-inch giant screen is made into a small size that is easy to carry and has extremely high portability.


Although the new machine has not yet been officially released, it is almost certain that the advent of the Samsung foldable mobile phone will bring significant changes to the mobile phone industry, and even have far-reaching significance for the development of the entire smart phone industry. Now, what everyone is looking forward to is that this new machine will indeed be released, and do not reproduce other changes.