Samsung: Did not discuss cutting TV production in China

- Dec 26, 2018-

According to Bloomberg, Samsung said by email that it has not discussed reducing TV production in China.


Earlier, according to South Korea's daily economic news, Samsung may cut China's TV production in the case of slow sales and expand TV production in Vietnam. It is understood that Samsung's TV production in China only accounts for about 10% of its global TV production, and production costs are the main constraints.


It is worth mentioning that in April of this year, Han Zongxi, president of Samsung Electronic Image Display Division, made an explicit statement in an interview that Samsung has no plans to reduce the number of Sino-US trade frictions.


According to the third quarter global TV market data released by IHS Markit, Samsung Electronics ranked first in the global TV manufacturing industry with a market share of 28.4%. The sales volume of the main QLED TV also surpassed OLED TV for the first time in the third quarter.