Samsung and LG compete for investment in OLED panels

- Dec 06, 2018-

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The technology website Android Authority reported that Samsung has maintained its field in the field of mobile display, but LG is also preparing to increase its investment in small OLED panels and grab market share with Samsung.

According to South Korean media Business Korea, Samsung will invest in the production of large-scale OLED panels at Chungcheong Road at the end of this year, but its initial investment is relatively low, only 1.74 billion to 2.61 billion US dollars, but the number will continue to increase in the future. In addition, there are news that Samsung has started the mass production test of the eighth generation OLED panel.

LG chose to invest in Paju, South Korea, and they spent $8.7 billion to build facilities to compete with Samsung for screen orders for the iPhone next year. In the future, the plant's OLED panel will have an average monthly production capacity of 60,000 units, and will contribute 200 million 5-inch panels to LG throughout the year.

In addition to the Paju factory, LG's original factory is also turning to OLED technology. However, since Samsung's eight-generation panel technology is superior to LG's six-generation panel, they may not be eager to expand capacity. In addition, in the field of mobile display, Samsung has a large lead (especially small OLED screen), the company produces 95% of the world's small OLED (expected size of the small OLED market in 2016 will reach 25 billion US dollars).

As the OLED screen technology matures, its price is already lower than that of traditional LCDs. More and more smartphone manufacturers are turning to this product. Therefore, the prospect of OLED screens has been optimistic.