Rongchuang's reserve price is the core asset of LeTV: Jia Yueting is out

- Sep 25, 2018-

Now Jia Yueting, the relationship with LeTV is getting less and less. Yesterday, LeTV's founder Jia Yueting actually controlled two core assets of LeEco Holdings, and the results of the judicial auction were released. The receiver was Sunac.


The final result shows that Sunac has a total auction reserve price of 770 million yuan to take over the assets of Lerong Zhixin and LeTV Film held by LeTV Holdings. For this takeover, LeTV will lose its key assets and operate LeTV's new controlling stake in LeTV's TV business, and Sunac will take this opportunity to be the first major shareholder of Lerong.


For Jia Yueting, the significance of this auction is even more significant, because the above-mentioned target assets are all the shares held by LeEco Holdings for LeTV and LeTV. The completion of the auction means that Jia Yueting will be out of the two companies.


For the auction results, Le Rong told the new executives, “As you can see, the results have already come out. Next, we will continue to do our work as always, bringing better and smarter products to Chinese families.”


Jia Yueting now puts all the focus on Faraday, so it doesn't matter if it is out?