Robbing Tokyo Olympic Business Opportunities AUO Group Sprint 8K Panel

- Nov 06, 2018-

The Tokyo Olympics cheered and led the trend of 8K and large-size display panels. The panel factory has seized the opportunity of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to fully adopt the 8K4K resolution broadcast event.


AUO is the earliest panel manufacturer to place public display PIDs. Its market share is over 60%. Public displays are widely used in transportation, commercial, education, and corporate meetings. Under the trend of smart retail and smart cities, double-digit growth is maintained every year. In the first quarter of this year, AUO acquired US content management company ComQi, and its reach extended to software integration. It is estimated that AUO's public display shipment growth rate will reach 50% this year.


This year, AUO's splicing wall display station is located at Songshan Airport. The two splicing wall displays are composed of 12 55-inch public information displays. They are designed with high resolution, low reflection and very narrow border. The border width of adjacent screens is only 1.8mm. AUO also launches long-range, outdoor, double-sided and ultra-narrow bezel splicing wall monitors and other public information display products for station halls, platforms, cars, etc., which require long-time playback and outdoor and semi-outdoor spaces. City business opportunities.


AUO's 85-inch 8K4K full-plane, borderless ALCD LCD TV panel has been mass-produced in the third quarter of this year. It integrates full-plane borderless, HDR, 120Hz and QD wide color gamut leading technologies. In 2019, it will also launch 75-inch, 65-down. Inch panel.


Innolux offers a wide range of public display applications such as high-brightness large-scale electronic advertising modules, universal interactive whiteboards, special-sized long-screen screens, and expandable splicing modules. This year, Innolux developed a 65-inch 8K Mega-Zone, which locks the commercial and home market. The terminal price is more intimate than OLED, and the market growth potential is expected.


In addition, Innolux publishes the 100-inch 16K8K S-UHD display module, which can display the visual effect of a large TV wall without using multiple small-size stitching. It can be used as a large billboard advertisement for commercial use.


The BOE 10.5 foundry was mass-produced in the first quarter of this year. The main products are locked into 65-inch panels. In addition to general consumer applications such as TVs, they have also begun to extend their reach to large-scale commercial display billboards. In order to share the business opportunities of the Tokyo Olympics, BOE has set up an office in Tokyo this year, and 65-inch has successively entered some large-scale stores.