Received a large list of Apple LCD panels, JDI plans to raise more than 50 billion yen to expand production

- May 04, 2018-


Japanese media reports that Apple's flagship iPhone X with OLED screen sales is not as expected. Some new iPhones will be introduced in the fall this year, and LCD screens will continue to be adopted. Japan’s display company (JDI), which has received large orders, is planning to raise more than 50 billion yen in funds. In order to increase the production capacity of LCD panels and consider postponing plans for mass production of OLED panels next year.

According to Japanese media reports, some of the new iPhones introduced by Apple this fall have decided to adopt the Japanese display's LCD panel, and the order volume is higher than expected. Due to the slower-than-expected growth in demand, Japanese monitors are considering suspending mass production of OLED panels next year.

The report pointed out that Japan Display plans to raise more than 30 billion yen for the third-party allotment of stocks and sell the currently idle factory in Ishikawa to the government-backed Japanese Industry Innovation Agency (INCJ) to raise the remaining funds. The company will accept a number of investment funds from home and abroad to inject capital. The relevant negotiations have entered the final stage and the results will be announced in the near future.

After INCJ, the Ishikawa Plant will be transferred to JOLED Corporation as an OLED panel production line. JOLED was established in 2014 by Japan Display, Sony, and Panasonic, and holds a majority stake in INCJ.