Quality identification of LCD display splicing

- Jul 20, 2018-




LCD splicing screens have entered various industries, and have strong advantages in brightness, color, definition, viewing angle, service life, environmental adaptability, etc., making LCD splicing screens have high growth in the market. trend. At the same time, its diversified applications have led to a variety of LCD splicing screen products. How to identify the quality identification of LCD display splicing

    The size of the seam after the LCD screen is spliced. If it is large, of course, you can't choose it. Now the manufacturers use the DID LCD screen, the ultra-narrow bezel design, the smallest stitching gap is only a few millimeters, which can make the complete picture clear.

    Viewing angle. With the advancement of liquid crystal display technology, the viewing angle of a normal LCD splicing screen has reached more than 178 degrees.

    Contrast. This is also an important indicator for measuring the LCD LCD splicing screen. When we watch a movie with a character scene, the contrast can be expressed from the contrast of light and dark.

    brightness. The brighter the LCD screen is particularly eye-catching. The LCD display is a substance that is between the solid state and the liquid state. It is not illuminated by itself, and its brightness is realized by the backlight tube behind the panel. Therefore, the number of lamps depends on the brightness of the LCD screen.

    The structure of the LCD splicing screen. A complete LCD splicing curtain wall is made up of multiple splicing units in the form of m×n. It is required to run without any day and night, which requires the LCD splicing screen to have strong stability.

    Which panel is used for the LCD splicing screen. It directly affects the performance and service life of liquid crystal splicing products, and also affects the brand and credibility of customers to manufacturers.