Polarized plate factory Li Te photoelectric Q3 revenue increased by 20%

- Sep 27, 2018-

The polarizing plate factory Lite Optoelectronics accumulated a total revenue of 1.592 billion yuan in the first eight months of this year (NTD, the same below), an annual increase of 4.7%. In the second quarter, the operating net profit was 51.26 million yuan, and the net profit after tax was 10.82 million yuan. It was free from losses in two consecutive quarters. The accumulated net loss after tax in the first half of this year was 14.34 million yuan.


Due to the focus on high-margin car and industrial STN products, Lite's average gross profit margin maintained its double-digit performance, with a gross profit margin of 22.6% in the second quarter.


In August, Lite's revenue was 229 million yuan, a decrease of 5.5% per month, an annual increase of about 11%. It still maintains a high-grade level. It is mainly benefited from the increase in demand for polarizing plates after the new capacity of the mainland panels has been opened. .


One of the mainland panel customers, Lite was originally shipped indirectly through other polarizers, and is now directly exported to the panel factory. As the order heats up, Leite is not only fully loaded with four lines, but also a line that has been idle for a long time is also restarted in June, stimulating this quarter's revenue momentum. The third quarter camp will increase by one to 20%, and strive to maintain two consecutive seasons. Lee.


The market expects that before the end of this year, Lite's monthly revenue is expected to maintain a level of 200 million yuan.