Placing a foldable phone? Samsung submits patent for self-healing oleophobic layer

- Aug 16, 2018-

Samsung is developing a collapsible mobile phone that has become an open secret in the industry. In order to bet on this innovation, Samsung even does not hesitate to "squeeze toothpaste" on S/Note.


In the big screen nowadays, the technical difficulties faced by foldable mobile phones are also quite a lot. Before, Samsung has already reserved a large number of patents on the screen. GSMArena has exposed the latest one, self-healing oleophobic layer.

 LCD Display 1.jpg

The oleophobic layer, as its name suggests, is a composite coating that is often coated with nano-silica as a raw material or a nano-scale fluorine-containing material. This coating combines the characteristics of light transmission. Its main function is to make the phone screen easier to clean and not easy to leave fingerprints and perspiration, while also partially improving the sliding experience.


It may be that long-term frequent bending will cause the oleophobic layer to wear at a faster speed. Samsung has made a self-healing oleophobic layer technology based on Corning Glass.


The latest news is that Samsung plans to launch the Galaxy X foldable phone early next year.

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