Overseas stocking demand weakened, panel prices showed a downward trend

- Oct 23, 2018-

lcd display

According to the “supply and demand model” of Qunzhi Consulting, the supply-demand ratio of the global LCD TV panel market in the fourth quarter was 7.3%. The supply and demand surplus was over, and the panel price once again turned into a downward trend. In October, the demand for overseas stocks weakened, and the demand for small size dropped significantly. The price of some sizes began to decline, and the price of small size dropped significantly. In November, the demand for exporting goods will be weakened, driving the price of LCD TV panels to be adjusted downwards. The price performance of each size is analyzed as follows:


1.32", demand in October dropped significantly, and the decline was obvious due to the impact of channel sales. The price decline in November is expected to return to 2 dollars.


2.39.5 "~43", October 40" fell slightly by US$1, and the decline is expected to expand slightly to US$2 in November. 43" Demand remained strong, prices remained in October, and began to decline slightly in November.


From 3.49" to 50", prices remained stable in October, and prices fell slightly by US$2 in November.


4.55", the price dropped slightly by US$1 in October, and the price is expected to maintain a slight decline in November.


5. In terms of large size, panel supply continues to increase, and the price of 65" in October and November is expected to maintain a decline of about $3.