Other information of LCD

- Feb 09, 2018-

LCD projector is a combination of liquid crystal display technology and projection technology, it utilizes the electro-optic effect of liquid crystal, through the circuit control LCD unit transmission and reflectivity, resulting in different levels of gray and up to 16.7 million colors of beautiful images. The main imaging device of the LCD projector is the LCD panel. The volume of the LCD projector depends on the size of the LCD panel, the smaller the LCD, the smaller the projector volume.

According to the electro-optic effect, liquid crystal materials can be divided into active liquid crystal and inactive liquid crystal, of which the active liquid crystal has a high transmittance and controllable. The LCD panel uses active liquid crystals, and people can control the brightness and color of the LCD panel through the control system. As with the liquid crystal display, the LCD projector uses a twisted nematic liquid crystal. LCD Projector light source is dedicated high-power bulbs, luminous energy is much higher than the use of fluorescent light-emitting CRT projector, so LCD projector brightness and color saturation are higher than CRT projector. LCD projector pixel is the liquid crystal Unit on the LCD panel, once selected, the resolution is basically determined, so the function of LCD projector Adjusting resolution is worse than CRT projector.

LCD projector According to the number of internal LCD plate can be divided into single chip and three-piece type, modern LCD projector mostly using 3-piece LCD board. Three-piece LCD projector is a red, green, blue three LCD panels as red, green, blue three shade control layer. Light emitted from the white light after the lens group convergence to the Dichroic Mirror Group, the red light was first separated, projected onto the red LCD panel, the LCD "record" under the transparency of the image information is projected to generate the image of red light information. Green light is projected on the green LCD panel to form the green light information in the image, the same blue light through the blue liquid crystal Panel to generate the blue light information in the image, three colors of light in the prism converge, from the projection lens projection to the projection screen to form a full color image. The three-chip LCD projector has higher image quality and higher brightness than the single chip LCD projector. LCD Projector small size, light weight, manufacturing process is simpler, brightness and contrast higher, the resolution is moderate, now LCD projector occupies a market share of about 70% of the total market share, is currently the largest market share, the most widely used projector.