On: Can OLED replace the road of LCD technology revolution?

- Jan 02, 2019-

1. What exactly did the quantum dot change?

2015 is destined to be an extraordinary year, because 2014 is still advocating that OLED will replace LCD as a future technology, but now it has evolved into a situation of competition between the two. In essence, due to the significant advancement of LCD technology, the inherent defects of the LCD have been improved, and the distance from the OLED has been lowered.

TV is ultimately a quality competition. To put it bluntly, who is clearer and who has more market. Additional features, of course, will add points, which is similar to the upgrade of the mobile phone screen, from 720P to 1080P, then 1080P to 2K, and even IFA2015 Sony Sony black technology - 4K Z5 Premium, in fact, TV screen The speed of promotion is not slower than that of the mobile phone screen. The HD effect of 1080P five years ago, skipping 2K directly to 4K, and even 8K products.

From 1080P to 4K, the resolution improvement brings a more detailed picture, but the overall effect is not an imaginary leap. In fact, no matter how the advertisement is boasted, the picture quality is still a topic to avoid.

Two important factors for measuring image quality are contrast and color accuracy. If two TVs are put together for comparison, one has better contrast and color accuracy, and the other has higher resolution, so almost Everyone will think that the former is better. Despite the lower resolution, higher contrast and color accuracy make the picture look more realistic and natural.

With the continuous commercialization of new technologies such as HDR and quantum dots, LCD finally has a higher level of performance than OLED. What is HDR and quantum dots?

The earliest quantum dot TV was first proposed by TCL, and LG and Samsung followed closely, demonstrating products of similar technology.

TCL is the first to propose quantum dot TV

Many friends will misunderstand that "quantum dot TV" is a new thing similar to plasma TV. In fact, quantum dot TV is also an LCD TV. The biggest difference from traditional LCD TV is backlight technology, which is also based on this technology. obvious improvement.

We know that although LCD TV is the most mainstream product, the problem of poor display performance has always existed, such as low contrast (black is not deep enough), low color gamut (not bright colors), and long response time (seeing the game has a smear) . Quantum dot technology mainly solves the problem of low color gamut and surpasses OLED TV in one fell swoop.