OLED screen sudden emergence Future shows how the market will go

- May 25, 2018-


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                            As we all know, the display market has been held up for many years by the technology means mature prices and very friendly LCD display! In recent years, with the continuous development of technology, OLED display technology continues to mature, OLED continue to exert force in the display market, and continued to erode the market share of the original LCD display, has become a dark horse to show the market, with The trend of unraveling appears in the public's field of vision. Although there are many "positions" in the LCD that can be observed, they have been replaced by the trend. However, how does the LCD display with absolute market share counterattack?

OLED has become a competing display technology in the market

The OLED display is basically dominated by Korean companies in the market, among which Samsung holds the absolute market share of the small-size OLED display, so that after Samsung supplied its own mobile phone panel, it also took over such an Apple company. The super-big single, and the United States and South Korea's Samsung is an old rival with many grudges, this is almost a well-known thing.

However, Apple Inc. in the United States has no solution to this because Samsung almost monopolizes the market for small-size OLED displays. In order to reduce dependence on its old rivals, Apple is eager to find more suppliers of OLED panels. An LG Display (hereinafter referred to as LG) company that is also from South Korea can be called an opponent in OLED technology. LG has become the only choice!

However, when LG and Apple wanted to further cooperate, when LG increased the productivity of large and small sized OLED panels, it had encountered problems in production, causing LG's OLED panel production to lag behind, while Apple The company also had to reconsider whether to continue its deep cooperation with LG.

Apple's own product, the iPhone X, was also affected by the price of the OLED panel. As a result, Apple's OLED panel for the Samsung of South Korea was reduced. The Samsung company did not sell its own panel, and immediately went to Huawei in China. After cooperating with Xiaomi, Chinese domestic mobile phones have also used OLED display!

In the case of large-size OLED panels, it is almost monopolized by South Korean LG company and is mainly used on TV screens! LG has achieved great success in this area and is increasing the production of OLED TV screens!

OLED screens have unparalleled LCD display performance in terms of display performance, but it will take a while for the price to drop. OLED displays will inevitably seize the market share of LCD displays. But during this period, the surging display market will really Calm?

Show the future of the market

Many companies have foresaw the future of the display market and have laid out some display technologies. The layout not only reflects the company's grasp of the industry's direction, but will in turn affect the industry's progress. The more companies deploy a technology, the faster this technology will develop!

If OLED technology has been dominated by two major companies in Korea, the development of OLED technology will be very unfavorable. Fortunately, many domestic companies have not lax in this technology. BOE took the lead in breaking through the monopoly of Korean technology to mass produce OLED screens, which also indicates that this technology will become more and more mature!

In order to no longer suffer losses on the display panel, Apple is no longer subject to the old rival Samsung, and is determined to actively develop a new generation of display technology Micro LED through the acquisition of Luxvue. In addition, panel makers such as Hon Hai, Sony, Samsung, and BOE are also laying out their layouts around Micro LED. However, for now, it is difficult to achieve results in the short term. Micro LED is very difficult to mass-produce. With these companies as the promoters of mass production of Micro LED, driven by these companies, the era of Micro LED display will come faster!

At present, the companies that have laid out the Mini LED are mainly mainland and Taiwanese companies, such as Sanan, National Star, Ruifeng, Jingdian, and Lunda. With regard to the currently mastered technologies, it is not far behind the realization of Mini LED mass production. It is worth mentioning that Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., which controls OLED displays, has ordered Sanan Optoelectronics' Mini LED display production capacity for almost the entire year from Sanan Optoelectronics. It seems that it is very optimistic about Mini LED display technology!

In turn, we look at the LCD display, LCD display itself is also a minority of supporters, there are Samsung, Sony, Sharp, BOE, TCL and so on. With the support of these companies, LCDs will continue to improve, and they will be able to withstand pressure, accelerate growth, and develop more new products. At the same time, they can face the impact of various display technologies with ease. Like the recent emergence of touch screens and advances in LCD splicing technology, it has recaptured many positions for LCDs! The LCD display itself has undergone so many years of struggles with display technologies such as CRT, DLP, and plasma. It has accumulated a wealth of experience and gained recognition in major markets. It is believed that LCD will still have a good reputation in this display technology war. which performed!

Of course, there are other display technologies to join in. As more and more homes still set up home theaters and begin to use projection equipment. This is a laser display, and the rise of laser displays will also impact the market. Market brings new vitality!

The future shows how the market is going to be a concern for all display industry personnel. Almost everyone has their own ideas. Most people think that LCD displays will slowly go down to show the throne of the overlord, and a subdivided area will show more clearly. The market will gradually form, and only if the subdivision is more and more clear is the trend of an industry.