OLED display characteristics

- Jun 08, 2018-


OLED module.jpg


1. Operating temperature -30----70°C

2. Storage temperature -40----80°C

3. Display: active light, wide viewing angle range; fast response, stable image; high brightness, rich colors, and high resolution.

4. Working conditions: low driving voltage and low energy consumption.

5. Wide adaptability: The use of glass substrates can realize large-area flat display; if the substrate is made of flexible material, it can be made into a foldable display.

Since the OLED display is an all-solid-state, non-vacuum device with anti-shock and low-temperature (-40°C) characteristics, it is also very important in military applications, such as display terminals for modern weapons such as tanks and airplanes.

6. OLED display has a simple structure, stable performance, low power consumption, wide viewing angle; ultra-light and thin, higher contrast, side view without distortion and other features. Widely used in communications, instrumentation, industrial control, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, aerospace information, medical equipment and other industries.