Mysterious tablet products? LG is developing a 13-inch foldable screen for Lenovo

- Oct 17, 2018-

According to foreign media reports, LG Display is developing a 13-inch foldable screen for Lenovo for future Lenovo mass production products, LG Display will supply this panel to Lenovo.


It is reported that the screen uses OLED panels and is expected to be used in Lenovo's tablet products in the second half of next year. In addition, Lenovo has said that it will release the world's first foldable mobile phone this month.


Last year, Lenovo showed the flexible concept phone Cplus, which uses a 4.35-inch AMOLED display, which can automatically change the smartphone mode or watch mode according to the usage habits, and can be brought to the wrist like a watch after bending. on.


At the same time, Samsung and Huawei are also working hard to develop mobile phones with foldable screens. Larger-sized panels will also be used in small flat-panel products. The size of the screen is expected to be between 7 and 8 inches, but compared to LG Display. There are still some gaps in the 13-inch screen developed by Lenovo.


In addition, according to the revealed internal Microsoft mail, Microsoft is also developing a collapsible mobile device. The device is part of the Surface series and is described internally as a pocketable surface device that can be loaded into a pocket. According to the project document, this is a new type of Surface portable device that combines an innovative hardware and software experience to create a truly personalized and versatile experience.