More robust than Nokia? Apple products or harder glass

- Jun 06, 2018-

I believe many of my friends are impressed by the robust casing Nokia phones have. There are even a lot of “Wan walnuts” videos on the Internet. This shows that the strength of the shell is very large. Apple, the technology leader, although it had previously had a mobile phone seat, Apple seems to have recently noticed this issue.

LCD displays 1.jpg

According to news, Apple is applying for a patent that will create a stiffened cover glass design. Among other things, the patent describes the invention of a glass that can be used to provide an extra layer of protection on the screen or on the body of an electronic device. It can be more durable than glass, and has higher crack resistance than existing (backshell and screen) glasses. ability.

LCD displays 2.jpg

It is reported that this may be a rib design, that is, the protective layer can be designed as a crossover line with glass fibers, thereby strengthening the strength of the glass and preventing cracking. In addition, the patent describes how to use sapphire coating to increase strength (Apple has used sapphire on the iPhone lens cover and Apple Watch), but today's patent is about how to use the sapphire layer. Use as cover glass on other equipment and provide sufficient hardness.

It is not a pity that this technology is just a study of Apple engineers in the laboratory. We do not know whether it will be converted into a product.